Sunday, April 25, 2010

Found a kitty...

Happy Sunday! I hope you have been having a great weekend. Mine has been interesting and quite busy! My computer crashed yesterday, so while hubby worked on it, I decided to take some photos of the fruit trees in the backyard since they are all in bloom. While I was puttering around out there, I noticed this:

The poor thing is skin and bones and apparently has been living in a ventilation hole in our foundation for a while. I gave her a bit of food, and immediately had a new best friend.

We've got her set up in our front room now, and the minute you walk in there, she wants you to pick her up and love on her. We made her a bed, but she seems to prefer curling up on top of a low table under the window, so I put a towel and stuffed animal there for her to curl up with. She seems pretty happy with the arrangement.

She is way too friendly to be from a feral litter, so we suspect she either snuck out of her owners home, or is a dump job. We'll be putting posters up in the neighborhood and listing her in the lost & found section of craigslist. If anyone from the Vestal/Appalachin NY area recognizes her, please email me or leave a comment here. We are estimating she is about 4-7 months old, but we won't know for sure until we get her to the vet.

We can't keep her as we already have 2 cats (and hubby put his foot down that 2 is enough!), so if we can't find her former owners, we will be looking for a good home for her once she is up to a healthy weight. If anyone is interested in a super friend, super cuddly kitten, please email me. She will be up to date on all of her shots and will be spayed before going to a new home.


Rufus said...

Oh she's sweet! She's also very lucky to have found you! I'm not anywhere close to you so can't help with identification or a new home. Hope you can find her family.

The Paper Princess said...

Awww, Melissa, what a sweet little kitty this is! I hope she finds a good home - looks like she'd be happy to make you her new mom! :-)


Rene said...

What a beautiful girl. Are you sure you can't add a kitty to your clan? We added a third when my parents found a stray kitten a year and a half ago, and she's been so much fun. ;-)

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