Monday, October 5, 2009

Labeling Copic Ciao Markers, Etc...

Are you tired of not having the numbers on the ends of your Ciao markers? Do you wish they could look like this?

Inquiring minds want to know how I labeled my Ciao markers, so I thought I would do a quick tutorial. I'm too lazy (and cheap LOL!) to go out looking for specialty labels when I can create my own in the comfort of my own home, using supplies I already had on hand.

How to label your markers:

Supplies needed:

  • copic markers LOL!
  • scrap pieces of your favorite white card stock
  • 1/4" circle punch (mine is the one sold by SU, but I'm sure there are others ones out there)
  • fine tipped black pen/marker of your choice (I used a 0.3 copic multi liner)
  • mini glue dots, 3/16" size works best

Step One: Scribble a circle onto your cardstock (I recommend using the brand you generally color on so you will have accurate colors).

Step Two: Using your fine tipped black pen/marker, write the marker number in the circle.

Step Three: Line up the opening on your circle punch over the number and punch it out.

Step Four: Attach your punched out label to the end of the cap of your marker with a glue dot. *note* I always attach mine to the super brush tip end so that I know at a glance which cap to take off.

Easy peasey!

I rather like being able to see the actual marker color at a glance, so I've started to go back to do this to all of my Sketch and Original copics too.

I admit to being rather anal about being able to locate a specific color quickly, so I've applied the same system to my collection of stickles. Just switch out the 1/4" circle punch for a 1".


Bev said...

Clever! I have marked mine with a permanent marker (which turns out not to be so permanent on copic lids!!!) Def going to give this a try. xx

Kim said...

Thanks for showing this hun! I think I am going to go and label mine right now! :) YOU ROCK!!!! And your angel card above is so adorable hun!
Hugs~ Kim

Janelle said...

Wow, I need to do that with my Prismacolor markers. They are a mess. I already have a few lids mixed up and no clue which one is which.

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the tips ... that is a grea idea

Inkerbelle said...

I love this, you're so clever!! Thanks for sharing.

Alex said...

Great way of labelling your Copics! I might have to do this :) Thanks for sharing.

Alex x

Amanda said...

Urgh, I LOVE you! lol. This is awesome, thanks! xx Amanda

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