Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just a little fun...

*Disclaimer* I really need to get some sleep and am feeling a bit silly. Read at your own risk...

Need another reason to purchase a kit from 3 little DReaMs? Well, let me just tell you, these kits have many uses, even some that I bet you haven't thought of yet. Are you ready to see why you need a kit? Then keep scrolling... (warning, no crafting involved, skip to the next post if that scares you!)

Okay. Now that you have scrolled down so I don't scare the faint at heart, this is why you need a kit: It makes a GREAT cat toy! Seriously! Get yourself a kit NOW and your kitty will be happy as can be playing with the contents of the shipping container. LOL!

I don't know about you, but my girl kitty is a crafter at heart, and she just LOVES to "help" Meowmy on the craft table. "Helping" of course, usually involves stealing my bling, eating my card stock, and walking across an almost finished project with inky paws.

Well, my 3 little DReaMs kit solved this problem! My kitty has been entertained for DAYS now. Wanna see?

Now I have to tell you, my girl kitty is named Emmalee, Miss. Em for short, so of course she prefers the Stamping Bella kit. In fact, she just won't leave it alone.
As you can see above, she already has the paper backing from Globetrotabella, and is checking the box to make sure she didn't miss anything.

Oops! Looks like there must have been more Bella goodies in the box!

Yup! Looks like she found the paper backing for the Bella sentiment from the August kit, and is preparing to bite it.

Miss. Em got tuckered out from batting her Bella goodies all over the house, and jumping in and out of the box, so she took her favorite Bella goodie to the sofa for a nap. Isn't she cute?

I kid you not. My 3 little DReaMs kit arrived on Saturday, and Emmalee hasn't tired of playing with it yet. And let me tell you, for someone with a talkative, demanding Siamese, anything that keeps her busy is a GOOD thing!

Okay. I am done with the silliness. Back to our regularly scheduled crafting...


Lorie said...

How cute is that! We have dogs so if my animals step on my projects...I might have a heart attack! LOL!

Courtney said...

Oh how funny! Your craft table looks like mine... minus the cat. LOL!

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